De Bem com a Vida Association – ABV

BURITIS Project - Bringing together Resistance, Information, Work, Ideas and Health in the Triple Frontier


Objectives and target audience

Articulate and build a network to discuss, promote and work on human rights, emphasizing sexual and reproductive rights, health, education and prevention of STIs/HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, as well as to take actions to fight violence, sexual exploitation and women trafficking at the border, working mainly with young students, sex workers in vulnerable spaces, and women infected with HIV/AIDS.

Main activities

  • Provide training course to those interested in acting as multipliers.
  • Organize workshops in schools.
  • Organize meetings with sex workers at their workplaces.
  • Organize meetings with women infected with HIV / AIDS.
  • Hold seminars, lectures and provide information.
  • Organize debates
  • Organize a literature contest.
  • Produce a booklet on the theme.


Roraima displays an alarming rate of new HIV infections, many reports of sexual abuse, human trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation and reports of violence against women, along with the prison system crisis and the economic crisis in the neighboring country, Venezuela. Added to that, there is the increase in migration, the increase in the number of sex workers in the streets of the capital and in the border cities, as well as sexual exploitation, undocumented Venezuelans in the country, exploitation of adolescents and women trafficking (Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples).

About the organization

ABV was founded in 2012 with the purpose of sharing experiences, disseminating information and improving the quality of life of people infected with HIV/AIDS, as well as promoting the prevention of infections Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) and the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights in the State of Roraima. The institution works through social work projects, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling projects, projects to promote human rights for people infected with HIV, and, more recently it has been organizing activities to promote the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents and young people in public and private schools of the state, encompassing border cities, taking into account the particularities of each context. The organization establishes partnerships with other state and national institutions, and is part of a network that deals with health issues, both preventing and promoting sexual and reproductive rights as essential to the realization of other rights, including the right to education, work and food, among other universal human rights.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 40 mil


12 months

Main Themes

Right to free sexual orientation and gender identity

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