Minas Gerais Prostitutes Association — Aprosmig

Prostitutes, rights and migration

Minas Gerais

Objectives and target audience

– Prevent and protect women against trafficking for sexual exploitation

– Discuss the difference between migration for sexual work and trafficking for exploitative sexual work.

– Discuss notions of sexual exploitation.

– Train professionals on the recurring dangers in migratory patterns for sexual work.

– Train about national and international support networks.

– Strengthen the rights of sex workers.

Main activities

– Creation of a folder targeting sex workers with information about human trafficking

– Distribution of the folder and training for professionals and the principal areas for prostitution in the city and the region.

– Promotion of discussion groups on prostitutes, rights and migration at the Aprosmig headquarters.

– Composition of informative texts with the results of discussion group meetings on “Prostitutes, rights and migration”.

– Training with sex workers on rights, gender violence, gender identity and social security.

– Strengthening of Aprosmig’s network with instances involved with the National Plan to Confront Human Trafficking.

– Feeding the Aprosmig blog with reports and informative materials produced throughout the project.


According to the organization, the circulation of women for sexual labor is related to several factors, including the means of protection when working conditions are not adequate for professional objectives. Meanwhile, there are situations involving social vulnerability that leave sex workers subject to criminal networks that promote the trafficking of women through coercion, imprisonment, abusive charges or even physical aggression. The discrimination and isolation of these workers leave prostitutes more vulnerable to trafficking.

About the organization

Aprosmig was formed by prostitutes to defend their rights. It includes four thousand members. They are female and transsexual professionals. The association is active in one of the principal zones of prostitution in Belo Horizonte. It offers services including legal guidance, medical and psychological guidance, help with rights violations, guidance about STDs/AIDS, condoms and lubrication.


Brazilian Network of Prostitutes (RBP); Latin American Platform of Persons who Exercise Sexual Labor; the National Council to Confront Human Trafficking (Conatrap); the Belo Horizonte STD/AIDS Coordination.

Funding Line

Fighting Human Trafficking (2015)



Total Granted

R$ 40,000


12 months

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