Peoples University Institute – UNIPOP

Youth news agency "Young Communicator of the Amazon"


Objectives and target audience

Enabling the creation of a news agency that acts against the extermination of young people, especially the poor and Black. The agency will be constituted of young people experienced in the communication and mobilization fields and who have taken part in projects that were developed by UNIPOP.  The agency will promote the exchange in the fields of advocacy and resonance of public demonstrations (walks, public events, cultural mornings, public hearings in the City Council and Legislative Assembly) organized by the youth.

Main activities

Training workshops: production of texts and media languages.

Mapping of initiatives in the communities and production of materials to be posted and shared on social media.

Planning, implementation and evaluation of three mobilization events against Black youth extermination in the communities/cities.

Monitoring and evaluation of the experience.

Organization, coordination and implementation of a public hearing in the Legislative Assembly addressing the extermination of Black youth.


The political scenario marked by corruption and fiscal austerity, coupled with high social inequality and excluding environmental policy in the Amazon, had a direct impact on UNIPOP´s target audience, especially on Black youth living in the outskirts of big cities. The dominance of market logic to the detriment of public policies which invest in human development leave youths at the mercy of a negative sociability structured by crime, sexual exploitation and drug trafficking, which has become a major attraction and even an income generator and it is often the only possibility for individual and even collective survival. As a frustrated alternative to reduce/combat high rates of increasing violence among young people, local authorities presents us with conservative ideas such as reducing legal age and youth extermination, e.g., those who have increasingly become the victims of such killings, such as in the Nov/2014 slaughter in Terra Firme, a neighborhood in Belém, Brazil.

About the organization

Founded 28 years ago, UNIPOP is a training organization for active citizenship, ecumenical, popular education, which basic methodological principle is political, gender, cultural and religious pluralism.  Since 1998, it develops actions related with the youth segment in peripheric areas of Belém and Cotijuba Island, involving young people from riparian areas. Since 2009, it also operates in the regions of Marabá and Santarém, contributing to the training of young people and the building and strengthening of youth networks.


DCA Forum.
Municipal Forum of Culture.

Funding Line

Violence against youth (2016)



Total Granted

R$40 000


12 months

Main Themes

Youth Rights

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