Santana Association of Gays, Lesbians, and Transgenders (AGLTS)

Santana without homophobia


AGLTS’ mission is to promote access to legal, psychological and social assistance of homosexuals; to advise on issues of interest to LGBTs; to support other charities that help people with AIDS/STD; to propose, discuss and contribute to municipal, state and federal public policies; as well as to stimulate social projects on Education, Health, Sports and Leisure.

Since its founding in 2003, AGLTS has been holding events for the promotion of the philosophy and modus vivendi of homosexuals, such as “Queimadão” – an event with artistic shows, gay beauty pageants, parties, tours and tournaments, among other activities.

Moreover, the Association undertakes activities aimed at the dissemination of LGBT’s culture and the promotion of citizenship through lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings. The main topics addressed are the fight against homophobia, STD/AIDS, citizenship and inclusion, human rights and affirmative public policies.


Located at the mouth of the Amazon River, and in the Southwest of Amapá, in Matapí River confluence with the Amazon River, and 18 km from the city of Macapá (State Capital), Santana stands out for its heavy traffic of cargo and passenger ships entering and leaving the Amazon region.

This context reveals situations of extreme social and personal risk for the population. In the landscape of the port area – a place of greater movement – it is common to see people using drugs or prostituting themselves. The city is still on the route of human trafficking.


The project seeks to survey the number of LGBT individuals in the situation of prostitution and human rights violation. Additionally, it aims to improve the quality of the treatment to the public in services offered by the state and municipal governments in Santana, preparing the civil servants to handle LGBTs as citizens worthy of rights legitimately recognized.

The idea is to conduct training activities with 40 workers in the field of Social Services so they can work on tackling homophobia in the city. These civil servants are seen as strategic-audience, since they have direct contact with citizens in key government posts and programs such as Bolsa Família, tutelary councils, among others.

About 160 people from the LGBT movement will also be put through training activities. In this case the focus is on clarifying their rights in order to turn them into monitoring agents and worthy of access to public goods and services.

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