Transas do Corpo Group – Educational activities on gender, health and sexuality

Diversity in School to Fight Oppression - the right to freedom of political, ethnic, aesthetics, gender and sexual orientation expression.


Objectives and target audience

Build spaces of dialogue and promote experiences in public schools exchanges between young people and adults about the types of violence and the progress of human rights, as well as the creation of playful, aesthetic, collective, critical and empowering interventions through games and techniques drawn from the Theatre of the Oppressed. The purpose is also to encourage the use of art as a political tool among secondary school students in the fight against institutional violence in the state of Goiás and strengthen public schools as training institutions to fight domestic, racial and institutional violence turning schools into a place where people are welcome and heard.

Main activities

Integrated arts based on the Theatre of the Oppressed.

Videos exhibitions produced by women who fight gender violence.

Theatre-News: critical perception of the media’s role.

Writing about oneself.

De-mechanize – Showcase open to the community.


In Goiás, there is a kind of conservative counter reform that combines several issues: the extermination of Black population; militarization and/or outsourcing of state schools; the exclusion of sexual education for gender diversity from the educational guidelines plan; the advance of misogynist propaganda carried out by conservative sectors of the church and media. Since December 2013, Goiânia also witnessed the emergence of high school youth groups that occupied, demonstrated, went to the streets, but were illegally abused by authoritarian, discriminatory and silencing policies enforced by the State. Only in February 2016, more than 50 young people were arrested and later on released due to lack of evidences. Dozens of public schools were occupied in the state, bringing to light the voice of youth, who is unhappy about the current politics and eager to discuss, express and have the right to speak, organize and protest, as well as for educational and training that speaks to their realities. Against this backdrop of violence and institutional repression, heavily reinforced and fueled by media devices, we see the demand for strengthening the network of high school students in Goiás and the construction of new strategies, guided by the preservation of physical integrity, the facilitation of spaces where they can be heard and the possibility that this network reaches new layers of society. Art brings a new possibility, which includes struggle and subversion.


About the organization

The Transas do Corpo Group develops strategies to reduce gender inequalities through educational, cultural and research actions inspired by the feminist principles of equality, diversity and solidarity. It has as its main premise the fight against all forms of oppression and he respect for class, race/color, ethnicity, gender, generation (age), sexual orientation, religious and political differences, etc.


Rede Madalenas Internacional.
Tramas & Redes.
Articulation of Brazilian Women (AMB).
Women Forum of Goiania and Feminist Network of Goiás.
Feminist Collective.
Batuque Feminista.
Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Network of Goiás.
High school in struggle.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 40,000.00


12 months

Main Themes

Right to freedom of expression, organization and manifestation

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