Call for proposal: Strategic litigation, advocacy and communication for human rights – 2017

Call for Proposal Strategic litigation, advocacy and communication for the promotion, protection and defense of human rights – 2017


Brazil Human Rights Fund, in partnership with Ford Foundation will allocate up to
R$880,000.00 (eight hundred and eighty thousand reais) to support projects promoted by civil society organizations and university bodies working in partnership with organizations and groups on strategic litigation actions that also combine advocacy and communication activities.

The call will support 11 projects aimed at promoting the right to the city; right to land; right to freedom of expression and organization; women’s rights, LGBTI population, children, adolescents and youth; the fight against racism, as well as projects in defense of human rights defenders.

Each project must involve a maximum budget of up to R$80,000.00 (eighty thousand reais) and a maximum duration of 18 months.


Brazil Human Rights Fund’s mission is to promote human rights in Brazil. We are committed to providing resources to support institutional development and for activities organized by civil society and human rights defenders throughout the country, prioritizing those with fewer resources or with limited access to other financial sources.


Proposals sent by nonprofit social organizations and groups, formalized or not, with or without CNPJ, provided they meet the other requirements of this call anular frase anterior e copiar occorencia anterior University bodies involved with human rights defense practices can also apply.

Non-governmental organizations who were not formally constituted in Brazil and in accordance with the Brazilian law; individuals; governmental organizations; international organizations; political parties; public and private companies; as well as organizations currently supported by the Ford Foundation will not be supported by this project.


|| Strategic litigation related actions, advocacy and communication leading to social transformation, that influence the performance and accountability of the State, revise the implementation of public policies, as well as the implementation of legislation in the light of human rights and the enforcement of structural judicial measures.

|| Acting in paradigmatic cases, in which juridical measures will be pursued involving regulatory agencies or public policy management councils, governmental and international organizations.

|| Innovative and interdisciplinary approaches as part of litigation and advocacy strategies.

|| Performance in national and/or international level.

|| Mobilization and empowerment of communities to participate in the construction and implementation of litigation and advocacy strategies, as well as monitoring its compliance.

|| Actions developed through partnerships between civil society organizations and social movements, law clinics, legal practice centers in universities, Public Defender’s Offices and Public Prosecutor’s Offices.

  • Projects should present at least one case of litigation in human rights.
  • Brazil Human Rights Fund will prioritize proposals that include more than one of the above mentioned focuses related with the present case.



The selection process regarding this call for proposals will be conducted in two phases:

  1. Preliminary Submission of Proposal – organizations interested in taking part of this selection process should send a preliminary proposal by January 23, 2017. A committee composed of representatives of Brazil Fund and its partner organizations will examine all proposals received by the deadline.
  2. Submission of Full Proposals – Starting on March 6, 2017, the pre-selected organizations will be invited to submit a full proposal. These proposals must be submitted within a period of 45 days and will be reviewed by the selection committee. This committee will be composed of experts on the subject who will identify the projects to be supported and present their choices to the governance bodies of Brazil Human Rights Fund, who will then take the final decision.

The result of the second phase will be released by May 26, 2017.


|| The preliminary proposal should contain the following information:

1) Brief presentation of the strategic litigation problem/case using up to 20 lines;

2) Synthesis of the objectives and expected results.

3) Main lines of action.

4) Budget estimate.

|| The document with the preliminary proposal shall not contain more than two pages. Proposals that exceed this size will not be considered.

|| Two (02) printed copies of the proposal should be sent to Brazil Fund.

|| Each organization may submit only one proposal.

|| Proposals postmarked after January 23, 2017 will not be considered.

|| Proposals sent by electronic mail will not be considered.


|| The proposal should be sent to the Brazil Human Rights Fund’s address exclusively by regular mail by January 23, 2017.

A/C Seleção de Projetos – Edital Litigância Estratégica 2017
Rua Santa Isabel, 137, Conjunto 42
Vila Buarque, São Paulo, SP
CEP 01221-010

Doubts or questions

|| Questions will only be answered by email.

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