AMOTRANS-PE (Pernambuco Transvestites and Transexuals Coordination and Movement)

For a school free from transphobia - Wake up Recife!


Objectives and target audience

To carry out actions directed to education in the municipal schools of Recife to raise awareness on the institutionalized violence that is responsible for high rates of school dropout among transvestites and transsexuals.

Main activities

  • Raise awareness on the theme in municipal schools.
  • Promote discussions with the Municipal Department of Education.
  • Organized workshops


Brazil is the world champion of LGBT rights violations. In this universe, transvestites and transsexuals are in first place as the segment with the most violated rights and one of the sectors with the highest rates of school evasion. Research made by the Federal University of Pernambuco shows that 80% of the transvestite and transsexual population in the state; specifically in Recife is excluded from schools because of institutional violence. Among the main causes, there is the fact that they cannot use their social name in school documents or use the bathrooms according to their Trans person gender not to mention bullying and the non-recognition of gender identities.

About the organization

Amotrans-PE was founded in 2008 with the mission of fighting prejudice, discrimination, and all hate crimes through actions aimed at reducing risks, gaining visibility and rights. The organization is composed of trans sexuals and transvestites and its most important mission is to confront institutional violence in schools, which leads to the evasion of many Trans people.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 38.200,00


12 months

Main Themes

Right to free sexual orientation and gender identity

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