Black Women Movement of Sorocaba

Coping with Domestic Violence and the legal aspects of the Maria da Penha Law as an instrument to defend, guarantee and value life

São Paulo

Objectives and target audience

To train women from Sorocaba and its metropolitan region on legal forms to protect and defend women focusing on the Maria da Penha Law training women to multiply the knowledge on the legal apparatus available for the protection and defense of women’s rights.

Main activities

  • Organize thematic workshops.
  • Hold discussions
  • Hold lectures
  • Organize seminars


In Brazil, according to a survey carried out by the Perseu Abramo Foundation, one in five Brazilian women spontaneously declares to have suffered some type of violence carried out by men. In most cases, the criminals are their boyfriends, husbands or companions who disrespect and violate the human rights of their girlfriends, wives or partners. Domestic violence is an undeniable manifestation of the inequalities between men and women and the excessive power held by men.

About the organization

The Momunes – Sorocaba Black Women’s Movement is a civil society organization which purpose is to promote social assistance, human rights and the democratization of basic values ​​and equity, seeking to reduce all forms of violence and discrimination, contributing to the inclusion of Afro-descendent culture in educational and citizenship actions. It originated from an initiative held by the social activist Mazé Lima, when she perceived the existing gap of an organization focused on women’s empowerment in Sorocaba, contemplating the afro-descendence aspect. It started in May 1997 with a choir that sang songs of the African culture in an African dialect, composed mainly of Black women. It became a public interest service in 1999 when it was recognized as a civil society organization, fighting racial, gender, social, and all kinds of discrimination through female empowerment.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted



12 months

Main Themes

Confronting racism

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