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Large projects threaten Tapajós lives: training to empower men and women to defend their rights


Objectives and target audience

Intensify training and awareness-raising activities in the main riverside communities affected by the São Luiz do Tapajós dam, as well as the communities already impacted by the Bunge corporation port, already operational. Violated rights have been identified, including to health, education, potable water and others.

Main activities

– Systematization of information.

– Community training workshops on the impacts of large projects on the rights of those affected.

– Talks on environmental education in schools, communities and neighborhoods.

– Seminar on human rights and the sustainable development model in western Pará.

– Formation of work groups in each community.

– Public hearings with the Federal Public Prosecutor and other civil society organizations.

– Production and dissemination of 500 pamphlets on rights.


For decades the public authorities in the Amazon have been developing an economic policy based on intensive exploitation of natural resources. These are “grand” energy and mining projects that leave a trail of social and environmental destruction. The local population is excluded from the benefits and from the political debate on the viability of these projects. At the same time, carry the burden of negative impacts including flooding of old-growth forests, indigenous areas, compulsory relocations of thousands of families and other rights violations. The São Luiz do Tapajós dam will flood 376 square kilometers — part of this area is a conservation unit and other part is populated by traditional communities. There will be a direct impact on riverside communities and indigenous villages. Studies show that the number of those directly affected will be approximately 2,000. Furthermore, the advancement of agro-business is prioritized while promises to the affected communities aren’t held up.

About the organization

The Community Radio Association has been a partner to regional campaigns to defend residents’ rights. Associate take information to communities and develop community initiatives through talks on environmental education, environmental preservation and community organizing.


- Pastoral Land Commission of BR 163.

- Pastoral Land Commission of Santarém and Altamira.

- Movement of Those Affected By Dams in Pará and on the Tapajós.

- Fase-Fundo Dema.

- Land of Rights Human Rights Organization.

- Rural Workers of Itaituba Region Trade Union.

- Justice and Peace Commission.

- Middle Tapajós Indigenous Peoples’ Association.

- Cimi (Indigenous Missionary Council).

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 40,000


12 months

Main Themes

Social and environmental rights within mega-projects

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