Group of Wmen Prostitutes of the State of Pará – GEMPAC

Legal Zone: feminist futures and rights of Brazilian sex workers


Objectives and target audience

To implement experiences of alternative legal activism and legal intervention with cis women and transgender sex workers in the metropolitan region of Belém (PA), and to train agents in gender and sex labor rights in Pará, as well as to broaden the experience of activism in a network.

Main activities

  • Identifying the violations of sex workers’ rights.
  • Defining strategic areas to provide legal advice and other interventions to sex workers.
  • Fostering partnerships with the Federal University of Pará – Law School; OAB Human Rights Commission – Pará section; State Council for Women’s Rights; Forum of the Pará Amazon Women and Trans Women Movement.
  • Workshops on gender, feminism and sex work.
  • Interventions and legal advice aiming at the articulation and dissemination of the experience through media such as blogs, fan pages, emails.


Cis and Trans women sex workers suffer from severe gender-based violence and various violations such as abuse and criminalization. In this scenario, the political and category recognition dimensions are obscured by discriminatory stigma. Therefore, practical actions in the legal area, besides the empowerment of the category, are necessary.

About the organization

Gempac was founded in 1990 and strives to overcome prejudice, reduce discrimination, and strengthen the identity of women and sex workers as well as the actions to fight the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and human trafficking.


Brazilian Prostitutes Network - RBP.
- Latin America Platform of People Who Work as Sex Workers.
- Global Network of Sex Work Projects.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 39.850,00


12 months

Main Themes

Women’s Rights

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