Grupo de Resistência Asa Branca of Ceará – (White Wing Resistance Group)

Weaving LGBT citizenship in Ceará


Objectives and target audience

To expand the responses and social interventions in the field of citizenship and social control of public policies for the LGBT population in the state of Ceará, building an empowerment network comprising the cities of Fortaleza, Pacatuba, Guaiúba and Itapipoca.

Main activities

  • Mapping civil society organizations, institutions, groups and collectives that fight for the rights of the LGBT population.
  • Production of communication materials.
  • Mapping LGBTphobic violence in the city of Fortaleza focusing on youth and types of violence.
  • Political education.


The growing incidence of conservative and fundamentalist forces in the country resulted in the increasing attacks, murders, persecution, discrimination, hatred, and violence against LGBT people due to the scarcity of structuring public policies that are able to repair the context that surrounds them. The deficiency regarding the implementation of the system that protects and guarantees the rights of the LGBT population stands out. In Ceará, it is possible to find various political propositions for the LGBT population that have never taken effect. Fortaleza, the country’s fifth largest population (2.6 million inhabitants), has only one LGBT Human Rights Reference Center that does not count on a multidisciplinary team, nor has its activities publicized to the population.

About the organization

The White Wing Resistance Group was founded in 1989 in a context of increasing discrimination against homosexuals. In 1995 it contributed to the approval of the amendment to the Organic Law of Fortaleza, which guarantees mechanisms to fight discrimination. It supported the approval of Municipal Law 8.211 / 1998, which punishes discriminatory practices due to sexual orientation.  It carries out different political education activities and it takes part in programs against homophobia.


- Ceará LGBT Forum
- Forum of the Social Movement to Fight AIDS - Ceará.
- GTPI- Working Group on Intellectual Property / Access to Medicine.
- Brazilian Network for the Integration of Peoples - REBRIP.
ABGLT - Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals.
- Municipal Council of Rights of the LGBT population of Fortaleza.
- Special LGBT Commission.
- State Council for the Defense of Human Rights.

Funding Line

Strategic Litigation (2017)



Total Granted

R$ 71.900,00


12 months

Main Themes

Right to free sexual orientation and gender identity

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