Grupo Ousadia Juvenil (Daring Youth Group)

Transforming Realities

Rio Grande do Norte

Objectives and target audience

Reflect upon the reality experienced by Black youth in low income communities in the east of Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte, highlighting the lack of public policies for youth. Provide sociopolitical training and prepare adolescents and young people to promote social, cultural and political leadership initiatives in the construction of alternatives to deal with violence and extermination Black youth.

Main activities

Socio-educational lectures on public policy and Black youth extermination.

Talks about public policies and on Black youth extermination, which is openly carried out.

Events around the theme “Transforming Realities and Extermination of Black Youth.”

Seminar “Transforming Realities: public policies and the Black youth extermination”.

Documentary on “Transforming Realities”.

“Transforming Realities Festival”.


The city of Mossoro is on the 52th position in the ranking of the cities that kills the most young Black men and women at the national level, according to 2015 Violence Map. Among the Federal States, it holds the first position. The group works in the outskirts of Mossoro, a region characterized by precarious educational structure, with ten thousand inhabitants and no public high schools. There are no spaces for the Youth to live and communicate their reality. Communities face serious problems concerning health care and there is limited access to culture, high rates of unemployment and scarce means to earn an income, difficult access to urban mobility and easy access to crime through drug trafficking, assaults and other unlawful acts.

About the organization

Ousadia Juvenil develops a close relationship with their beneficiary public, once it is located in the same neighborhood where most its members live, study and work. The group has been acting in this community for some time. It acts as a tool for youth mobilization, organization and struggle.


Black Men and Women's Group - ENEGRECER.
Monitoring of Youth Public Policies - MJPOP.
Viva Rio Grande do Norte Youth Network.

Funding Line

Violence against youth (2016)



Total Granted

R$ 39,000


10 months

Main Themes

Youth Rights

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