House of the Woman Worker (Camtra)

Mischief out. My body and my dreams are my responsibility! No to the sexual exploitation of girls and women

Rio de Janeiro

Objectives and target audience

– Continuing and enlarging the project’s namesake campaign.

– Sharing information with girls and women at risk about sexual exploitation, ways of identifying its solicitation, ways of reporting and confronting it.

– Strengthening of coordination and local networks that confront human trafficking related to sexual exploitation of girls and women.

Main activities

– Revision and reproduction of informative campaign material

– Training of multiplicators

– Dissemination and multiplying of information


According to the organization, the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation doesn’t just involve commercial exploitation, but also gender exploitation, which reflects the scenario of structural inequality in Brazilian society. That scenario includes class, gender and race dominations. The Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region has suffered transformations due to mega-projects and events, which has accentuated the commercialization of cities and the fragility of public services. In this context, adolescents and youth become even more vulnerable to sexual exploitation and other forms of violence.

About the organization

Camtra disseminates information about rights, combats violence against women and sexual and reproductive health. It also invests in training and political engagement, especially of low-income women, workers, youth and community leaders and contributes to the organization of women for better access to their individual and collective rights.


Brazilian Association of NGOs (Abong); Rio de Janeiro State Forum to Combat Violence against Women; National Front against the Criminalization of Women and for the Legalization of Abortion.


The project included the distribution of a booklet with guidelines; holding seminars for training multiplicators; disseminating the campaign in public lectures, discussion groups, seminars, conferences and events such as the Black Women’s March; setting up a Rights Tent in the Saara Shopping Center, located in central Rio, and Madureira Park, in Rio’s northern zone; the distribution of folders; participation in political networks and public events organized by feminist and women’s movements.

Funding Line

Fighting Human Trafficking (2015)



Total Granted

R$ 46,980.00


12 months

Main Themes


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