Joint Effort for Citizenship / Xingu Vivo Movement

Articulation to resist the mining installation of Belo Sun, in Volta Grande do Xingu


Objectives and target audience

Encourage and support the population in resistance actions against the Belo Sun mining company using training, information, social mobilization and coordination of judiciary agents, while we seek to re-articulate this same group of people to fight for compensation for the Belo Monte violations.

Main activities

Meeting with the Xingu Vivo team to determine who will monitor the project and stablish the right approach and strategies to use with the impacted communities.

Trip to visit the communities threatened by the mining company.

Meetings with these communities.

Meeting in Altamira with public agencies.

Training meetings with the communities of Xingu islands.

Activities reporting

Project evaluation.


The Canadian mining Belo Sun is seeking authorization to deploy the largest open gold mine in Brazil, at Volta Grande do Xingu. In this region, where there are over five indigenous villages and three large Riverine communities living out of mining for over 50 years, the River will be dramatically reduced in 100 km due to the Belo Monte dam. The intention of Belo Sun is dislodging the non-Indigenous population. Indigenous peoples are also being harassed.

The State Department of the Environment is responsible for the approval of the work permit. The Federal Public Ministry requires the process to be undertaken by federal agencies, since Xingu is a federal River and the work will affect indigenous communities. Currently, the licensing is under judice.

The miners got from SPU a written ownership confirmation concerning the area in which the mining company is installed claiming that a large plot of land, where artisanal miner’s communities live, was bought by them. Although this ownership has already been published in the Official Gazette, the region lives in constant conflict between residents and the company.

About the organization

O Mutirão pela Cidadania is a legal representation of the Xingu Vivo Movement, an organization that works to defend and organize the population – women, urban dwellers, coastal, fishermen, residents of the islands, indigenous and others – victimized by the construction of the Belo Monte Dam and threatened by the Belo Sun mining project, at Volta Grande do Xingu, Xingu River, Pará.


Panamazon Network.
4 Rivers Articulation.
FAOR (Eastern Amazon Forum).

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 40,000.00


12 months

Main Themes

Social and environmental rights within mega-projects

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