Levante Popular da Juventude (Youth Uprising)

Network for the Confrontation of Youth Extermination

Rio Grande do Sul

Objectives and target audience

Bring the attention of the public realm to the issue of Black youth extermination as a social problem and include it in the political agenda through a process of awareness raising and youth organization addressing youth extermination in the outskirts of five Brazilian capitals.

Main activities

Organizing a coordination and management group for the project

Training groups of young multipliers on violence youth extermination in each of the involved schools.

Establishing a local network involving several actors.

Developing an app for mobile phones to receive anonymous reports.

Creating a database to receive reports.

Training young people from 25 public schools.

Systematizing and disseminating the collected records.


According to data presented by the Violence Map 2014, Brazil registered 30 thousand homicides of young people per year and among those, 80% of the victims are Black. The most worrisome fact regarding this process is that violence against this segment of population is on an upward curve. Data including Blacks and non-Blacks shows that 660,000 young people were killed in two decades, an increase of 207% between 1980 and 2011. That is, despite the gradual process of reducing inequality in Brazil and of progress in ensuring fundamental rights regarding the young, poor Black population, today, it is easier to be killed than it was twenty years ago. The excessive mortality in this segment of population, compared to others, constitutes what the Black movement and the youth movement classify as extermination or genocide. That is, there is a selectivity to this violence that can only be explained by the existence of a social structure that makes the lives of young Black men more vulnerable.

While violence in these contexts is a complex phenomenon, the role of police institutions are significantly responsible. In general, the performance of the police apparatus fosters a cycle of violence, fear and impunity, in that the victims does not feel safe to resort to official channels of complaint for fear of suffering reprisals. These underreporting precludes the registration and visibility and, consequently, the punishment of institutional violence practices.


About the organization

Levante Popular da Juventude is a social movement that has been consolidated in the outskirts of the main Brazilian cities in the struggle for rights, through educational activities offered to the community. As a social movement, they organize the local youth and promote trainings aiming at spotting potential leaders in these communities.


Rede de Pontos de Cultura.
Via Campesina.
Frente Brasil Popular.

Funding Line

Violence against youth (2016)



Total Granted

R$ 40 000


12 months

Main Themes

Youth Rights

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