Mato Grosso do Sul State Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (ATMS)

Speak out: Organization and political training of the LGBTT movement in Mato Grosso do Sul, Stage II

Mato Grosso do Sul

ATMS’ mission is to defend gays, lesbians, transvestites and transsexuals who have their human rights violated due to discrimination and violence on the basis of their sexuality and/or gender identities. ATMS also fights discrimination and prejudice in public institutions and services.

The activities of the organization are: advocacy, prevention of STD/AIDS, education on human rights and citizenship, legal advice and referral to other institutions and public agencies for assistance in the context of public policies, as well as social monitoring of those policies.


In its second stage, the project aims to provide technical and political sustainability to the LGBT State Forum of Mato Grosso do Sul [Fórum Estadual LGBT de Mato Grosso do Sul], created in Stage I of the project “Identify yourself”, also supported by Brazil Fund. The idea is to ensure an operational structure to enable the structuring and strengthening of the forum as a political space for deliberation of the LGBT movement in the state, in the sense of facilitating the actions of networking, training and mobilization of activists.

The forum meets the demand created by the absence of a legitimized political space to resolve the demands and build guidelines and strategies for the fight, in the perspective of the LGBT social movement. At a time of consolidation of an LGBT State Council and formatting of the first Public Policy State Plan – recent achievements in Mato Grosso do Sul – it is a strategic matter to think tactically about building that legitimate space for political deliberation.

Strategies aimed at encouraging the appropriation of this space by the LGBT movement itself will be implemented through goals and consolidation planning of a political agenda with guidelines to coordinate the trigger of the actions.

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Right to free sexual orientation and gender identity

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