National Campaign for the End of ‘Death while resisting arrest’

National Campaign for the End of the terms "Death while resisting arrest” and “Resistance followed by death” in the Police Reports throughout Brazil

São Paulo

The National Network of Mothers, Relatives and Friends of the State’s Victims of Violence is coordinating the national campaign. It has representations in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Espírito Santo. The mission, in this particular case, is to fight for the immediate end of military legal mechanisms that have legitimized a true state of siege in Brazil. Especially poor and Afro-descendants have been victims of police officers protected by the terms “death while resisting arrest” and “resistance followed by death” while they commit murders.

The Network works to end institutional and police violence that discriminates the poor and Afro-descendants. Its main axes of work are the following: care and solidarity between relatives and friends of State’s victims, the systematic reporting of cases and status of investigations and lawsuits, as well as the fight, in many ways, for truth and justice. In addition, it participates in numerous debates, seminars, meetings, conferences and, mainly, organizing protests, marches, vigils, etc. The Network also strengthens fights and campaigns of the State’s victims, such as the SP Mothers of May, the Network Against Violence in RJ, the Campaign React or You Will Be Dead of BA, the MG Association of Relatives of People in Deprivation of Liberty  and the Association of Relatives of Victims of ES.

The Project

In order to advance in the fight to ban the terms “Death while resisting arrest” and “resistance followed by death” from the Police Reports in Brazil the campaign aims to develop and distribute educational material on the subject, including a video. It will also hold public acts of mobilization and demand the fulfillment of the National Human Rights Plan 3 (PNDH-3), which provides for the end of those terms.

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