National Indigenous Youth Commission – CNJI – North East Region

In Defense of the Right to Life and Against the Violence Suffered by Indigenous Youth in Ceará


Objectives and target audience

Mobilize and empower the indigenous youth in Ceará, dealing with issues around violations of indigenous rights on the present days. Setbacks are driven by Congress, specifically by the groups defending Brazil’s biggest landowners and evangelical, which over the years tried to pass a PEC (an amendment Bill to the Constitution) to abolish rights that were already guaranteed by the Constitution of 1988. The indigenous youth of Ceará is in the front line along with traditional leaders defending their territory and, therefore, is the target of violence and prejudice by society and landowners in the struggle to defend their constitutional rights to a decent living.

Main activities

Planning meeting.

Micro-regional and state workshops.

Visits to indigenous communities.

Final evaluation.


The violation of indigenous rights occurred frequently in the recent years. To ensure their right to territory, indigenous people have to take back their land, which means fighting squatters, large farmers and the agribusiness interests. 14 indigenous peoples are recognized by Funai in Ceará and only one piece of land has been licensed. Ceará is way behind regarding the demarcation of indigenous lands due to different private interests. The indigenous youth of Ceará suffers prejudice, criminalization and violence because they are on the front line, along with their leaders.

About the organization

The National Commission on Indigenous Youth was established after the First National Seminar on Indigenous Youth, held by Funai, which was attended by about 70 youth representatives of 42 indigenous peoples. The seminar was the result of a series of workshops and regional meetings where they raised the main problems and difficulties faced by indigenous youth as well as the main challenges and demands. A major goal was to train indigenous youth to act as “multipliers”, in order to disseminate, support and advise on existing public policies for youth and on the formulation of projects and actions.


Indigenous Youth Network.
Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of Ceará.
Articulation of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of the Northeast of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo - Microregion of Ceará.

Funding Line

Violence against youth (2016)



Total Granted

R$ 40 000


7 months

Main Themes

Youth Rights

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