Network Association of Women Producers of Pajeú

Not even with a flower - Women Organized for the end of Gender Violence


Objectives and target audience

Empower women to build strategies that allow tackling the various forms of violence experienced in everyday life, especially gender and institutional violence.


Main activities

Seminar to present the project and identify potential leaders for the training.

Provide leaders with training.

Workshops to replicate the knowledge acquired by the leadership to their grassroots groups.

Newsletters produced by the Women Pajeú Network “As Fuxiqueiras” about the actions performed by the project and the institutional actions of the Network.

Application of 15 questionnaires to identify organizations that provide support and protection to women victims of violence, by trained leaders.

Seminar to evaluate the project with the direct beneficiaries.


The social issue in which the project operates refers to the difficulties of women with respect to gender inequalities in the private spaces of their domestic life, as well as in public areas, considered here as the world of work. It is worth noting that women present themselves as a vulnerable segment within relations of gender inequality marked by the strong presence of patriarchal culture, affecting the role of women in the housewife, making the social and political contexts of their rights as citizens and women invisible. Violence against women in private and public spaces influence their physical, emotional and psychological health. It is also a result of the patriarchal macho culture, which is still very rooted in country culture. This context of inequality and exclusion of women in political and economic development processes makes them vulnerable, which feeds the hierarchical relations, contributing to their submission, oppression, and poverty. Although women have already achieved a certain degree of autonomy, overcoming violence is still a challenge.

About the organization

The Women Producers Network of Pajeú performs various actions regarding the mobilization of women, such as political actions and space occupation in the construction of participatory democracy of women in different spaces, such as in municipal boards of health. They also promote education and sustainable development, implementation of agro ecological productive backyards in rural communities to guarantee food security and trade surplus. Experience exchange to build knowledge for women in the political, environmental and productive fields is another action carried out by the group, which also promotes political education for women in the exercise of women’s democratic and citizen participation fighting for their rights and against gender inequality.


ANA - National Agroecology Articulation (Women's WG).
CDS / PE - Sustainable Development Council (Pernambuco).
Citizen Territory Committee of Alto Sertão do Pajeú.
Standing Committee of Rural Women of Pernambuco.
Women's Forum of the Pajeú Territory.
Pernambuco Women's Forum.
State Forum for Solidarity Economy.
Productive Organization Committee of the federal government.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 40,000.00


12 months

Main Themes

Women’s Rights

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