Network of Communities and Movements Against Violence in partnership with Laced / National Museum / UFRJ

Relatives of Provisional Prisoners in Rio de Janeiro: Fighting the Impacts of Imprisonment Policies

Rio de Janeiro

Objectives and target audience

Promoting and guaranteeing the rights of families of pre-trial detainees in Rio de Janeiro by providing information, psychosocial assistance, strengthening their support network and passing on their demands to the responsible organs, as well as reporting cases of violations.


Main activities

  • Organize a public act and launch the campaign along with the organizers of the Black July event.
  • Organize a public act linked to the activities of the Black Awareness Month.
  • Present the campaign material to the families of detainees, so that they can evaluate and approve it before it is disclosed.
  • Meet the families of detainees to present data and collectively produce the report.
  • Providing legal assistance to the families of detainees, organize strategy studies for each case and later refer them to the Public Defender’s Office.
  • Promote individual or group sessions to listen and embrace families affected by law violations.
  • Elaborate a script, video-record families’ testimonials and edit the material.
  • Foster the participation of families and mothers that were victims of violence in research and discussions held by scholars and in the political scene to provide information on the issue of mass incarceration and publicize the campaign.
  • Refer complaints of violations to competent bodies and following up the cases.
  • Organize an event to launch the report; present the data and a mini-documentary on the work done; and present a discussion on the theme.
  • Monitor the family visits in these prison units and distribute informative fliers on where to search for assistance and ways to mobilize.
  • Organized visits to prisons, including public jails.
  • Media agenda setting, articles, and suggestion of specific subjects to newspapers, magazines, websites, and TV, and news clipping on what has been achieved. Photo shooting.
  • Organize visits to prisons to present the project to their directors and to other institutions, movements, and partners working with the theme.


Rio de Janeiro prisons hold about 40,000 detainees, of which 41% are provisional, according to the Infopen data for 2014. In addition to the people in prisons, tens of thousands of other people suffer outside the prisons, due to their incarceration. When a citizen is arrested, his family is also deprived of freedom and suffers various psychological, social and economic impacts. These are families that start to wander around the different institutions of the Criminal Justice System in search of information; they face an unknown legal universe; and suffer various rights violations, such as lack of information, prejudice, racism, humiliation and lack of legal and social assistance. They also suffer due to the violations that take place during the visits, such as the thorough hand search they must go through.

About the organization

The mission of the Network of Communities and Movements against Violence is to fight against state violence in slums and suburbs of big cities, strengthening the families of victims and denouncing human rights violations perpetrated by state agents. The Network assists cases of summary execution and forced disappearance, supporting the families of victims to report the cases, during the police investigation and judicial process. Demonstrations and public acts are used to denounce the problem, as well as debates and film exhibitions


National Network of Mothers and Relatives of Victims of State Terrorism.
Mothers of Manguinhos.
Mães de Maio.
Mothers and Families of Victims of the Baixada Slaughter
No More Candelaria Movement.
Social Forum of Manguinhos.
Grita Baixada Forum
Youth Forum of Rio de Janeiro

Funding Line

Criminal Justice and Human Rights



Total Granted

R$ 120 mil


12 months

Main Themes

Guaranteeing the rule of law and criminal justice

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