Popular Committee of those Affected by the World Cup in Belo Horizonte (Copac-BH)

Promotion and defense of the rights of people and communities threatened with eviction and informal workers affected by the projects and activities related to the 2014 World Cup in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais




Objectives and target population:

The project’s goal is the defense and promotion of the rights to housing and employment of those threatened with eviction and those working informally, who are affected by projects and activities in preparation for the 2014 World Cup in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

The promotion of rights will occur through the mobilization of affected sectors, who can actively participate in the elaboration of public policies and project planning related to the event. The defense of rights will have a combative tone, bringing claims of violations to the Brazilian justice system and the relevant administrative authorities.

Another goal of the project is the production of critical knowledge about the exceptional legislation being written as a function of the World Cup in Brazil, at the federal, state and municipal levels.


Main activities:

– Production of a brochure clarifying the rights of affected communities and informal workers;

– Public launching of the brochure;

– Campaigns to publicize human rights violations stemming from the mega-event, to be disclosed through campaigns and social networks;

– Legal assistance for affected citizens;

– Workshops and debates on the impacts of the mega-events;

– Public protests;

– Creation of a study group on specific legislation for mega-events, together with Law Faculty members from Minas Gerais Federal University (UFMG).



The projects and activities meant for the 2014 World Cup violate, among other fundamental rights, the right to housing, through forced evictions; and the right to work, particularly that of informal workers (artisans, open market sellers, prostitutes and street vendors) throughout Brazil. The situation in Belo Horizonte is no exception.

In several areas, the lower-income population has been dispersed, as in the UFMG Quarter, or is threatened with eviction.

Furthermore, around 150 families of street vendors who work on game days around the Mineirão Stadium have been left without any alternative means of income due to the restrictions of their right to work around the stadium.

Restrictions on the use of public space imposed by City Hall can also be seen: such as efforts to create a “business-city,” profitable and attractive, driven by the projects of this mega-event.


About the organization:

The Popular Committee of those Affected by the World Cup in Belo Horizonte (Copac-BH) aims to promote and defend the rights of those adversely affected by the 2014 World Cup in the capital of Minas Gerais. It has already held assemblies among the impacted population; public protests; participated in public hearings held by the Federal Public Prosecutor (MPF); and accompanied lawsuits and policies affecting the Vila Recanto UFMG (University Quarter), the first community removed due to the World Cup, as well as those of other communities.



The Committee is a member of the National Network of Popular World Cup Committees and is affiliated with the Poles of Citizenship Program, the Popular Brigades, the Brazil Association of Geographers, the Afonso Pena Academic Center, the Association of Mineirão Street Vendors, among others.


Funding Line

Urban Development (2012)



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Main Themes

The right to just and sustainable cities

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