Posithivo Prevention Work Group – GTP+

Strength to overcome prejudices II


Objectives and target audience

The continuation of a project supported by the Brazil Human Rights Fund in 2012, this initiative looks to guarantee the rights of transvestites and people living with HIV and AIDS inside two penitentiaries in Pernambuco.

Main activities

– Workshops with transvestites, gays or transsexuals and persons living with HIV/AIDS who are inmates in Aníbal Bruno and Barreto de Campelo prisons in order to train information multipliers;

– Presentation of sketches on the prison’s patio during visitation days dealing with the prevention of STDs/HIV/AIDS and safer sex practices, prevention of viral hepatitis and tuberculosis;

– Distribution of prophylactics (male condoms and lubrication gels) to inmates and their partners.


The Aníbal Bruno prison is the largest in terms of population in northeastern Brazil, currently holding around 4 thousand inmates in its various pavilions, among men and transvestites who live in a precarious situation, with very restricted access to information about HIV/AIDS. Among the greatest challenges faced by inmates are the prejudice and discrimination suffered by people living with HIV/AIDS, along with the lack of recognition of the gender identities of transvestites and transgender inmates.

The Barreto de Campelo prison, located on Itamaracá Island, has one of the largest prison populations of transvestites and homosexuals in the Pernambuco penitentiary system, even including a special pavilion designated for that population. The so-called “Pink Pavilion” could mitigate rights violations and reduce violence against these prisoners, but instead has become a challenge itself, since prejudice continues to expose them to embarrassing situations.

About the organization

GTP+ looks to gather together people living with HIV and AIDS as well as sex workers (men, transvestites and transsexual women), to stimulate their quest for citizenship and empowerment and help prevent STDs, HIV and AIDS.


The GTP + conducts dialog in spaces like the State Coordination of the Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (ABONG); AIDS Network in Pernambuco, Pernambucan Women's Forum; Managing Council of the Oswaldo Cruz Hospital; the Managing Council of the Restauração Hospital; National Community Committee for anti-HIV Vaccines; Community Committee for Monitoring Research in HIV (CCAP-PE); Municipal Council of Social Assistance (CMAS-Recife-PE); State Committee for Combating Human Trafficking.


Work was done on various fronts, one of the main results being the great care and attention paid to subjects related to the daily life of the inmates. Another perceived result is the increased possibility of returning to society without being stigmatized, which is key to re-socializing after being released. Training workshops, talking groups, theater sketches and distribution of condoms, gel and informational material were arranged for.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 40,000


8 months

Main Themes

Right to free sexual orientation and gender identity

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