Prostitutes Association of Minas Gerais

Prostitutes are citizens

Minas Gerais

Objectives and target audience

Implementation of political, cultural and city accessibility actions to confront the violations of prostitutes’ human rights in the context of the World Cup in Belo Horizonte (MG).

Main activities

• Political and cultural actions and moves to insert prostitutes into the debates on mega-events, tourism and culture, attending discussions of the impacts on their work and housing.
• Training in reception, language, city history and culture, sports, rights and public services.
• Political events (PUTADEI Minas and Day Without Prejudice, PUTAFESTIVAIS) and spaces for debates on how to construct activities and consolidate their results.


Downtown Belo Horizonte is home to over four thousand prostitutes who make the region their home and workplace. The area has witnessed a violent state-led cleanup program that hasn’t respected the historical relationship of the neighborhood with its actors.

The holding of the World Cup has intensified this situation and threatens to exclude prostitutes from the area, despite the organized resistance of these professionals in their struggle for rights. New construction projects, alterations to the structure of the neighborhood, transportation routes and the increase in restrictive and repressive measures have altered daily life in these places, resulting in impacts that compromise human rights and fail to guarantee housing, access to social resources and basic services.

About the organization

Founded in 2009, the Prostitutes Association of Minas Gerais strives for the social inclusion of prostitutes through education and training to improve their interaction with clients. It holds social interventions and political events together with Minas civil society.


Brazilian Prostitute Network.


Political and cultural actions were arranged in addition to those of placing prostitutes in debate spaces dealing with mega-events, tourism and culture. Among the actions were the competition Miss Prostitute, taking place on the National Day Without Prejudice; the participation in the Virada Cultural festival in Belo Horizonte and interventions in the Gauicurus’ street, a traditional prostitution spot, such as whistle protests and a photo exhibition; and discussion groups.

Funding Line

Mega-Events (2014)



Total Granted

R$ 30,000


12 months

Main Themes

The right to just and sustainable cities

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