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Afro-descendant's Land 2 - Training on Land Rights and Empowerment of Santarém, Monte Alegre and Alenquer Quilombola Communities in Pará


FOQS’ mission is to contribute to the process of raising awareness and strengthening of the ethnic identity of quilombola(1) communities in Santarém and the region. Thus, they can play an active role in defending their ethnic, political and land rights.

The federation works for the communities to be able to demand the implementation of effective public policies for the collective titling of quilombola communities’ territories and ensures protection and maintenance of the lifestyle and culture of these communities.

FOQS monitors the administrative proceedings of titling of affiliated quilombola communities’ territories and assists in the resolution of conflicts involving the tenure and limitation of these lands. It promotes the liaison among quilombola communities of Santarém and the region through weekly meetings, events and gatherings.

FOQS’ coordination is decentralized and composed of members of all communities, which makes the work of political advising for resolving conflicts easy. FOQS is also integrated with other networks and organizations related to the quilombola theme.

The Project

‘Afro-descendant’s Land 2’ is the expansion to the municipalities of Monte Alegre and Alenquer of the actions developed within the project supported by Brazil Fund in 2010. In addition, it continues the work in Lago Grande, in Santarém.

Workshops on qualification and networking will be carried out with the collaboration of students from the previous project. The booklet already produced will also be used as support material in this second edition. Additionally, the group will hold a big seminar of political articulation and hearings at Incra.
The group also aims to effectively establish the Regional Network of Quilombola Articulation  (Malungu – Lower Amazon Region) so that the local communities are able to expand its joint action.

The project will benefit communities’ reminiscent of the Lower Amazon, from which 200 quilombolas will participate in the workshops and receive the booklet on territorial rights. Among these, 20 will participate in the hearings with Incra at Santarém and 10 will help to prepare and deliver the workshops. Indirectly, 386 families will be benefited.

FOQS intends to discuss with Incra the titling proceedings of Passagem and Peafú communities and a request for expansion of the Pacoval quilombola territory. It plans to request the opening of a titling proceeding of Lago Grande.

(1) N.T.: Quilombola is a person who lives in a quilombo. Quilombo is a century-old community set up by former slaves in Brazil. ‘The contemporary concept of the remaining communities of quilombos encompasses the prevalence of an autonomous process of production within the communities, based on specific territorialities socially established as a result of acts of resistance.’ (ALMEIDA, Alfredo Wagner. ‘Os quilombolas e a Base de Lançamentos de Foguetes de Alcântara’. Ministry of Environment, Brasília, 2006.)


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