Union of Indigenous Women of the Brazilian Amazon — Umiab

Indigenous workers with liberty, dignity, rights and citizenship


Objectives and target audience

– Confront, reduce or eliminate the trafficking of indigenous women for domestic work in semi-slavery conditions in urban centers.

– Produce materials for information and orientation.

– Train indigenous women, leaders of their organizations, on the issue.

Main activities

– Research on incidents of trafficking and semi-slavery involving indigenous women in Manaus, Tabatinga and São Gabriel da Cachoeira.

– Research on incidents of trafficking of families for slave labor in extractivist regions Barcelos and Santa Izabel do Rio Negro.

– Creation and distribution of informative material.

– Training of multiplicators.

– Systematization and distribution of the results of the project’s research.


According to the organization, the trafficking of indigenous women from their lands and communities to work in white families’ houses, in semi-slavery conditions, is shown by research and documents to occur since the 1970s. There are still many cases today, especially in the most remote places, such as the headwaters of the Padauri, Preto, Demini, Tarauacá, Araçá and other rivers. Once trafficked, indigenous women spend the rest of their lives working as domestic help, without documentation or labor rights.

About the organization

The UMIAB was created in 2010 and officially registered in 2013. It has concentrated its efforts in two areas: discussions, elaborations and negotiations of projects and participation in the indigenous movement’s agenda. It supports, adds to and stands by communities’ and indigenous organizations’ struggles, especially the campaign for land, self-sustainability, health and education.


National Network of Indigenous Organizations of Brazil, coordinated by the Apib (Network of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil); COIAB (Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon).

Funding Line

Fighting Human Trafficking (2015)



Total Granted

R$ 46,700.00


12 months

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