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Objectives and target audience

Offer legal assistance, in communications and social assistance, to victims of criminalization, police violence and/or abuse of authority during protests held in Fortaleza before, during and after the World Cup and which were directly related to the event.

Main activities

– Legal assistance: assistance to the victims of arbitrary detentions during the protests;

– Mini-course with social militants and protesters on public safety and democracy;

– Coordination and mobilization of lawyers to be involved in protests;

– Construction of a site or blog that brings together in one place images, videos, reports, opinions and denunciations;

– Collection, systematization of data and elaboration of a report to create a database of the rights violations that are witnessed or heard about. The report will have the aim of serving as a base for studies and reflections in diverse areas, such as academic, media and social movements and collectives.


2013 went down in history for the “June workdays”, protests that brought hundreds and thousands of people to the streets throughout the country, including the most diverse sectors of Brazilian society, including the most diverse banners and ideologies. In several protests held in the city, there were more than 150 arbitrary arrests, among which 50 were adolescents. On these occasions, the “selection” of the protesters arrested possessed an evident racial profiling, guided by such characteristics as skin color, clothing and even sexual orientation. There were also several reports of homophobia and violence against women.

About the organization

The Urucum Flower Collective came about in 2011 and brings together militants in human rights from diverse areas who seek to defend and promote human rights as a strategy for the recognition and strengthening of subjects in relation to the subordination of race, class, gender, ethnicity and generation and, thus, contribute through its struggles to the construction of alternatives for a radically free, politically plural and environmentally just society.


The Urucum Flower Collective is part of the the World Cup People's Committee of Fortaleza, National Network of Popular World Cup Committees (ANCOP), the Front of the Struggle for Decent Housing, National Network of Popular Lawyers (RENAP) in Ceará, the Justice Forum and of the movement I wish to be a fish.


The project’s activities were divided into four areas. Arrangements were made for providing legal assistance, such as assistance to victims of arbitrary arrests, a short course for social activists and demonstrators and petitions destined for government agencies; coordinating and mobilizing lawyers to be active in the protests; developing communication strategies; and the gathering and systematization of data, as well as preparing reports.

Funding Line

Mega-Events (2014)



Total Granted

R$ 27,800.00


10 months

Main Themes

Right to freedom of expression, organization and manifestation

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