Women Prostitutes Group of Pará – Gempac

Rights Zone: Gempac Communications Center


Objectives and target audience

The objective is to create a Gempac Communications Center as an instrument to confront the human rights violations suffered by prostitutes in the metropolitan region of Belém, especially downtown and in areas close to highways. The demand was perceived during the “Right Zone Project“, supported by the Fund in 2011.

Main activities

The prostitutes themselves will produce a blog, a printed newsletter and audiovisual products to publicize information; denounce violations; and relate the movement’s progress over its 22 years in defense of their rights.

A team of communications professionals and activists will lead workshops in “mediactivism,” to give the prostitutes the opportunity to participate in the activities, so their perspective is imprinted on the material produced. File organization, free software, photojournalism, writing and diagramming are some of the technical aspects to be addressed.

The audiovisual part of the center will have the support of the Cine Gempac project. Approved for support by an extension program of the Federal University of Pará, this other project holds movie screenings and audiovisual sessions.


The accomplishments of the previous project showed that the violence and discrimination suffered by prostitutes are connected to social and moral prejudices. Through the dissemination of information, and their own media, direct from the corners and places where these women work, the group hopes to reinforce their own political advocacy.

About the organization

Officially founded in May 1, 1990, Gempac has been around since 1987. A state-sanctioned non-profit NGO of Public Municipal Utility, the group has regional and national representatives, being a founding member of the Brazilian Network of Prostitutes (RBP). Internationally, it comprises part of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP). Participative, social and political, Gempac has a permanent presence in decision-making spheres and social control, with representatives on forums, networks and relevant councils.

Among the activities developed in its area are STD/HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis prevention; and self-organization of the class in defense of sexual rights, human rights and combating against child exploitation.


From 1994 to 2010, in continual and consolidated partnership with the National STD/AIDS Program, UNDCP, UNESCO and ICCO (a Dutch NGO), among others, a number of actions resulted in the integration of state-wide and regional chapters of Gempac. The group even came to promote training programs aimed at NGO integrants and public servants, contributing to the expansion and understanding of its mission.

Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 25,000


6 months

Main Themes

Women’s Rights

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