Brazil Fund – Activities – July to November, 2016

30 November 2016

- por Ana Valéria Araújo -

Civil society cooperation is essential to build a fairer country. However, without population’s support, social movements may not survive. Moreover, this support is only achieved trough the recognition of the importance of the work done by these organizations.

Mobilization becomes even more necessary when conservative political groups have a strong presence in various levels of power and draw a scenario of setbacks and dismantling of human rights defense structures.

In this context, a campaign recently launched by Brazil Fund gathers people from various segments and generations around key ideas and projects to fight threats to the rights that were already achieved and strive for new rights.

The campaign seeks to raise population’s awareness to the meaning of human rights.

The massive access to the campaign’s hot site, the support given by many activists and artists, the likes and shares on Facebook and the success of the mobilization at Paulista Avenue show us we are on the right track.

A country can only be considered democratic when all segments of society have a voice and can be heard.

Join us! Say Yes to human rights!!

Ana Valeria Araujo, executive coordinator of the Brazil Fund

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