Brazil Fund supports Uneafro’s “open class” at Largo de São Francisco

22 May 2017

- por Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos -

At the beginning of April, the support provided by Brazil Fund contributed to the realization of the first “open class 2017” promoted by Uneafro – Center of Popular Education Nuclei for Blacks and Working Class, held at the University of São Paulo Law School – Largo de São Francisco.

Students of the Uneafro’s university entrance exam preparation course gathered at this event defined by Douglas Belchior, the founder of the movement and one of its teachers, as an “open class”, meant to provoke reflections and debates.

In a period of setbacks, with intense mobilization for resistance, but also lacking resources for action, the Fund’s support was important to the meeting.

The location was chosen due to its emblematic meaning, once the University of São Paulo had recently approved the adoption of a 30% quota for Blacks, indigenous people and public school students at their Law School.

Tamara Naiz, president of the National Postgraduate Association, Guilherme Boulos, coordinator of MTST, and the activist Monique Evelle, of the Desabafo Social organization, taught the classes to the approximately 800 students that were present in the event. The “open class” also counted on music concerts and a presentation of the group Theater of the Segundas, formed by secondary students.

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