Call for Proposals on the theme of Investigative Journalism is launched at the Abraji congress

16 October 2017

- por Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos -

Last June, Brazil Fund launched an entirely innovative call for proposals during the opening of the 12th International Congress of Investigative Journalism of Abraji.

The call “Investigative Journalism and Human Rights”, held in partnership with Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundation and CLUA (Climate and Land Use Alliance), aims to stimulate the production of high-quality investigative journalism with relevant stories that contribute to improving Brazilian society’s understanding of human rights violations, including those resulting from socio-environmental conflicts.

The launch, announced by MaĆ­ra Junqueira, deputy executive coordinator of Fundo Brasil, drew the attention of journalists attending the event. They had access to printed material about the initiative and were able to ask questions at an exhibition stand that was set up at the Congress.

In addition, several specialized communication vehicles have publicized the initiative.

R$680,000 will be allocated to support at least 17 projects of which, at least five should be related to issues regarding the violation of socio-environmental rights. The call has already received the preliminary proposals and the result will be released after October 30.


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