Exchange program takes activists to the United States

15 February 2018

- por Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos -

Intercâmbio EUA, 2017

Activists from organizations supported by Brazil Fund in partnership with Open Society Foundations participated in an exchange in October in the United States. One of the goals was to promote an experience exchange between groups and activists from various countries to discuss racism and the Brazilian criminal justice system. In order to do so, Brazil Fund organized conferences, meetings and strategic sessions. The exchange between organizations is encouraged and supported by Brazil Fund as a way to enable knowledge exchange and the strengthening of collective action strategies. The organizations that participated in this program were the Maranhense Society of Human Rights, Gajop – Office of Legal Advice to Popular Organizations, IDEAS – Legal Advice for the People, and Inegra – Negra Institute of Ceará. Douglas Belchior, who works as a consultant for Brazil Fund in these topics, and Raul Santiago, of Papo Reto Group – Complexo do Alemão were part of this group. Participants prepared a journal to share this experience.

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