Selection process defines 21 projects to be supported

30 July 2012

- por Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos -

On June 29 Brazil Fund published the result of the 2012 Call for Proposals. Twenty-one of the 641 submitted initiatives were selected. Within the focus of combating discrimination and institutional violence, Brazil Fund will support actions related to issues of race and gender; activities aimed at protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, quilombolas* and other traditional communities, especially on the issue of access to land and territory; the fight for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, children and adolescents at risk and the LGBT population; as well as projects focused on populations affected by the works of the 2014 World Cup. It is expected that the activities start from August.


The 2012 Call for Proposals was launched in December 2011 and submissions took place until February this year. The selection process had several stages and the participation of many professionals. It started with a great initial screening to verify the general adequacy of projects to the focus of the call for proposals. There were pre-selection phases involving the executive team and the board of the foundation in order to define 78 projects, which would then be submitted to an external Selection Committee. The Committee has the role of recommending the initiatives to be supported for the final decision of Brazil Fund Board of Trustees. The 2012 Call for Proposals’ Committee members were: Daniel Munduruku, Guacira de Oliveira, Jose Heder Benatti, Lucia Xavier, Renato Roseno, Sandra Carvalho and Veriano Terto.



* N.T.: Quilombola is a person who lives in a quilombo. Quilombo is a century-old community set up by former slaves in Brazil. ‘The contemporary concept of the remaining communities of quilombos encompasses the prevalence of an autonomous process of production within the communities, based on specific territorialities socially established as a result of acts of resistance.’ (ALMEIDA, Alfredo Wagner. ‘Os quilombolas e a Base de Lançamentos de Foguetes de Alcântara’. Ministry of Environment, Brasília, 2006.

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