Seminar supported by Brazil Fund discusses selective incarceration and violations

22 May 2017

- por Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos -

Students, professionals of the justice system and representatives of organizations working in the criminal field and human rights participated in the seminar “Dialogues on Selectivity in the Criminal Justice System”, last February 21 and 22, in Recife (PE), with the support of Brazil Fund.

The activity was planned by Gajop – Legal Assistance Office for Grassroots Organizations (GAJOP), and was attended by other supported groups.

The exchange of information between organizations is encouraged and supported by the Fund as a way to enable the learning and strengthening of collective action strategies. It is an additional incentive offered to Brazil Fund’s partner projects.

At the seminar, the issue of mass incarceration was discussed as a policy that guides the State’s actions. Within this context, we were able to identify the existence of institutional racism and the system’s inability to provide different treatment to those who commit serious and small crimes, among other reasons that lead to the overcrowding of prisons, with serious violations of human rights.

The violations of rights committed against imprisoned women and criminal alternatives were also specifically discussed in this occasion.

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