We work for #NoFewerRights

22 May 2017

- por Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos -

In 2017, the International Women’s Day (March 8) was marked by an important mobilization of women who demonstrated on behalf of the importance of female labor force and called attention to the demands related to women’s rights.

Brazil Fund provides ongoing support to groups of women from all regions of the country, and continued acting for #NoFewerRights and for #AllAlive.

As a way to participate in the mobilization, the Fund changed the avatar on its social medias, hung up a purple flag on its headquarter’s facade and told stories of activists who fight for rights and face constant violations.

Unequal wages, low political representation, oppression, work exploitation, domestic and sexual violence are some of the violations women go through on a daily basis and are combated by the groups supported by Brazil Fund.

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