XI Projects Meeting and capacity training for lawyers: promoting learning and interaction

15 February 2018

- por Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos -

The XI Brazil Fund’s Projects Meeting brought together representatives of 20 organizations supported by the Fund between December 4 and 6 2017, in São Paulo. Activists from all regions of the country participated in workshops and debates. The group discussed themes such as “Whiteness and the Construction of Privileges” and “Whiteness, Racism and Violence of the State”, with the participation of Ana Helena Passos, a professor and researcher on the subject; and Bianca Santana, journalist and writer. In addition, the following workshops were held by Brazil Fund’s Relations with Society and Projects teams on “Communication to Denounce Violence and Discrimination and Promote Rights” and “Organizational Strengthening”. On the third day of the meeting, a debate on the Brazilian scenario forecasted for 2018 was held and counted on the presence of various guests, as well as Brazil Fund’s governance team and its staff. The central themes were the challenges faced by human rights and next year’s elections.

Course for lawyers

During two days (November 29 and 30), a training course held in São Paulo gathered lawyers and attorneys from eleven organizations supported by Brazil Fund through the specific call for proposals “Strategic litigation, advocacy and communication for promotion, protection and defense of human rights”, in partnership with Ford Foundation. The participants participated in a class tought by Eloisa Machado de Almeida, lawyer and professor of Getúlio Vargas Foundation; and Aurelio Rios, deputy attorney general of the Republic, focused on improving techniques and strategies for litigation in higher courts and international forums.

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