Engaging people and institutions in the defense of human rights is one of the greatest challenges of Brazil Fund. Communication is a fundamental tool to gather new actors to defend social causes. We communicate through simple messages, through the stories of the organizations we support and campaigns to increase the participation of society in the fight for human rights.

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Fundraising from Individual Donors

Brazil Fund’s principle is to build sustainable mechanisms to channel resources and consign them to human rights defenders across the country. This is the concept used by the organization to encourage people to participate in this fight in defense of human rights, seeking donations from citizens to support the cause.

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Fundraising from Companies

Brazil Fund systematically contacts companies who support the human rights cause. There are several possible partnership models that may include the support to a specific project, to the creation of a specific call for proposals, sponsorship to the activities developed by the organization through tax incentives under the relevant legislation, donating products to our campaignss, among others. Currently, Vult Cosmetics is a permanent partner of Brazil Fund, participating, quarterly, of our tax receipt collection for the Nota Fiscal Paulista campaign.

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Brazil Fund is open to new partnerships and relationships with companies that hold similar values to those defended by our organization.

International Supporters

International cooperation allows the creation of partnerships aimed at supporting projects through our calls for proposals, special funding lines and strengthen our institutional development.

Tax Incentive Laws

Nota Fiscal Paulista (tax refund program, which can be directed to non-profit organizations)

Since 2009, São Paulo consumers can donate their tax receipts to non-profit organizations registered at the Comas (Municipal Council of Social Assistance). Thus, part of the VAT tax, which is charged at the moment of purchase, is reversed to social causes.

Rouanet Law

The Rouanet Law is a way to stimulate the support of the private sector to cultural innitiatives. This law makes it possible to deduct a percentage of the investment in culture off the income tax paid by individuals or legal entities.  After the project’s approval by the Ministry of Culture, the fundraising is started.

In 2015, one of Brazil Fund’s projects received support from the Rouanet Law and it is now in the fundraising stage. The project aims to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Brazil Fund with a Musical Dialogue with Society concert. Brazil Fund is seeking partners who could contribute to this cause.

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