Capacity Building Activities

P1180700Strengthening civil society through education and capacity building activities is part of the strategic mission of Brazil Fund. Every year, workshops for human rights defenders are organized throughout the country.

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Representatives from the supported projects attended the Strategic Litigation Conference on Human Rights held by Brazil Fund, supported by Ford Foundation at the FGV Law auditorium, in São Paulo.


Tackling human trafficking and the violence associated with racial prejudice were the main topics of the meetings with representatives of the supported projects. Topics such as the need to strengthen and expand the communication capacity of civil society actors were also the subject of these workshops. The meetings brought together groups supported by the special funding line “Confronting human trafficking” and by 2015 annual call.


This year the training work was centered around institutional communication. Four workshops on communication were organized for human rights networks, each one with a different topic; a workshop with the groups supported by the annual call; and a workshop with the projects supported by the special funding line “Sports Mega-events and Human Rights.”


The meetings held in June and December allowed discussions on the role of communication and offered tools to promote the mobilization to overcome inequalities. Workshops, discussions and working groups brought together representatives of the groups supported in 2012 and 2013, as well as the networks supported by the project “Strengthening the role of networks and coalitions to promote human rights in Brazil.”


The 2011 Projects Meeting was organized around subjects related to human rights and development and the working groups held discussion on land issues, citizenship, racial equality and gender. Participants also attended workshop on projects organizing and accountability.


The 2010 Projects Meeting included a workshop on the memory and history of human rights in Brazil. Museu da Pessoa (The People’s Museum) was responsible for the workshop. The group also participated in a workshop on projects elaboration conducted by Professor Leila Bonfim.


Workshops held for three days dealt with issues such as project design, administrative and financial management and strategic communication. Furthermore, there was a presentation and discussion on the racial dimension in human rights. Citizenship, gender, race, land and territory working groups discussed the subject.


Debates on human rights, workshops to improve financial management and fundraising projects writing skills, as well as the screening of the film “Atos dos Homens” (Men’s Acts), by Kiko Goifman were part of the training activities that gathered the supported groups from 2007 and 2008.


Representatives of the supported projects through the annual call took part in technical and managerial training workshops and also attended the workshop “Debating private investment in human rights”.

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