Minas Lesbian Association – ‘Alem’

Breaking the silence: lesbians and bisexuals deprived of their liberty

Minas Gerais

The mission of Alem is to be a reference in the fight against prejudice and discrimination directed at lesbians and bisexual women, combating all forms of violence against women and fighting for their reproductive and sexual rights. The group also aims to promote lesbian visibility, combat social inequalities and injustices of which women are the main victims.

Since 2005 the group has conducted the Walk of Lesbian, Bisexual and supporters of Minas Gerais and has organized the I, II and III Meeting of Lesbians and Bisexuals of Minas Gerais. Along with other women’s groups, Alem promotes an annual public act at the Praça Sete in Belo Horizonte, in allusion to the International Day to Combat Violence Against Women and the International Women’s Day.

The association also develops the project ‘In the battle for health, dignity and respect‘, aimed at sex workers, and conducts training courses on gender/race relations, violence against women, human rights, female sexuality, lesbianism, as well as the I, II, III and IV ‘Women who paint and embroider‘.

Alem is part of ABGLT – Brazilian Association of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals , LGBT Forum of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte Feminist Collective  and the Feminist Network for Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights of Women .

The Project

With the project ‘Breaking the silence‘, Alem aims to promote the discussion about lesbianism and bisexuality from a lesbian-feminist perspective and combat prejudice directed at lesbians and bisexuals deprived of their liberty in the prison of São Joaquim de Bicas in Belo Horizonte. The dialogue will be conducted with about 30 women imprisoned. Later, a mapping of the main points discussed in the workshops and the demands of these women will be presented to prison officials.

According to the association, there are numerous examples of punishment and sanctions of which women are victims in prisons because they are not heterosexual, as for example, the prohibition of conjugal visits among lesbians. This is one of the institutionalized expressions of lesbophobia.

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Main Themes

Right to free sexual orientation and gender identity

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