Urban Mobility Pastoral — PMH / Santa Cruz Archdiocese of Corumbá

Legal migration: migrating is a right, trafficking is a crime

Mato Grosso do Sul

Objectives and target audience

– Collect, accompany, inform, guide and train migrants on mobility conditions in Brazil.

– Re-establish the dignity of human trafficking and labor exploitation victims.

– Confront the institutional prejudice and criminalization practiced by public services related to foreigners.

– Be the communications link between the origin (families) and destination (migrants and/or their workplace or residence in Brazil).

Main activities

– Training workshops to confront human trafficking

– Regional and bi-national seminars.

– School visits to municipal, state and private schools in Corumbá to raise awareness.

– Event to celebrate National Migrants Week.

– Periodic visits to the border and the Corumbá bus station.

– Daily assistance at the office.


According to the organization, Mato Grosso do Sul is the Brazilian state with the fourth highest rate of human trafficking. Corumbá, where the Urban Mobility Pastoral is active, is a route, destination and stopover for victims of human trafficking coming from Bolivia, the neighboring country. Besides Bolivians, in recent years Haitians and Bengalese have come through. These people are vulnerable to labor exploitation in several Brazilian states, especially São Paulo, in the textile industry; in the South, in the foodstuffs industry; and, in the case of women, to the textile industry and for sexual exploitation.

About the organization

The Urban Mobility Pastoral offers periodic assistance to migrants crossing the Bolivia/Brazil border at Corumbá (MS). These are people who need information about the Brazilian reality, documentation, room and board, guidance on the risks of solicitation and human trafficking. This project helps to guarantee that migration is a means to exercise the right to come and go.


The Corumbá Municipal Government; CRAS; the Federal Police; Cetrap -- State Committee to Confront Human Trafficking; accommodations for migrants who pass through the city.

Funding Line

Fighting Human Trafficking (2015)



Total Granted

R$ 47,000


12 months

Main Themes


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