Environmental and Amazon Rivers Preservation Association — Apremera

Support for training human rights defenders and mobilization of riverside communities affected by Madeira river floods to guarantee land and the reclamation of territory


Objectives and target audience

Backing the process of organization and empowerment for those affected by dams and reservoirs to defend land rights and reclaim territory following the flooding of 2014 and 2015 on the Madeira river, while strengthening several other organizational initiatives by affected families.

Main activities

– Meetings to organize in the affected communities, training regional human rights defenders and building the capacity for future trainings of those affected by flooding.

– Training about public policies and access to official organs such as the Public Prosecutor’s Office, State Public Prosecutor, State of Rondôndia and Federal Public Defenders and organizations such as the National Network of Public Lawyers (Renap), who are all responsible for providing support and assistance in these situations.

– Meetings to prepare mobilization events, denunciations and demands for rights in the Madeira river basin.

– Events and the production of denunciations and demands for rights in the Madeira river basin.


The building of hydroelectric dams on the Madeira river shows signs of non-compliance with environmental and labor legislation as well as the violation of human rights. There is great imprecision on the part of construction consortiums in determining and/or delimiting the number of families who are affected.

In 2014, after an incident involving one generator at the Santo Antônio plant, there was a flood of historic levels originating with the summer (high-water) levels of the Madeira river. Overflow reservoirs were filled to above capacity in order to generate more power and thus higher returns.

Areas previously immune to flooding and families previously unaffected by the dam were suddenly under water. Many lost their livelihoods and are now fighting to regain the guarantee of their rights by the government and corporations involved.

About the organization

Apremara seeks to empower these families through organizing, training sessions, protests, denunciations and by demands of the relevant authorities. Their activities began in the region of Candeias do Jamari and Itapuâ d’Oeste. Since the second half of 2006, Apremara has been active in the so-called Madeira River Hydroelectric Complex, composed of the Jirau and Santo Antônio dams. Currently, it works with three towns: Candeias do Jamari, Itauã d’Oeste and Porto Velho.


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Funding Line

Annual Call for Proposals



Total Granted

R$ 33,480.00


12 months

Main Themes

Social and environmental rights within mega-projects

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